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" Maker of the finest leather products, saddles  and rodeo gear in the tradition of the Old West

If you are searching for quality rodeo supplies, custom saddles, chaps, bronc saddles, tack and more; Hat Creek Leather Company is where you will find what you are looking for.  



The Hat Creek Leather company is a saddle shop owned by Kevin Berry.  Kevin is a horse trainer with many years experience in showing quarter horses. This gives Hat Creek a broad overview of the horse industry. He has been repairing rodeo equipment and saddles for 30 plus years and has seen the saddle industry change into what it is today. He rides only quality saddles and knows from first hand experience how a saddle should fit both rider and horse.  

Hat Creek Leather Company was started originally as a partnership between Randy Smith, an ex-bull and bareback rider and Kevin Berry.  Randy's rodeo history provided the expert knowledge of what is required in rodeo gear for top quality, long lasting products for the cowboy.

Winner of the National Festival of the West, Best Booth Award for 2009, Scottsdale, AZ

Hat Creek Leather Company stands behind their products 100%, making you, their customer happy, is what makes them happy. 




 As always the gear you make us is 1st rate-- quality and craftsmanship --leather is exceptional and wears like iron.    I have been riding one of your saddles for close to 15 years, spent thousands of hours and thousands of miles in every weather condition imaginable.   

These saddles, head stalls, reins, shooting rigs always fit our horses and mules and us.  When I die I am going to ride this last one forever. Whenever I am asked who made this, I am proud to say my friend Kevin Berry,  at Hat Creek Leather Co.                                                                        

Hoppy & Lori Montgomery.      

    Montgomery Horse Transportation.   

    Montgomery Mules & Horses



Link:  Lynne London,  horse breeder, cowboy mounted shooter and trainer for 30 years, has over 40 years experience in leather working.  Visit her Arizona web site at www.wildwestart.biz for western clothing, western home furnishing and much much more.  






        Questions?    Need a Catalogue?  Contact us hatcreekleather@yahoo.com

      Kevin Berry /  Hat Creek Leather Co. Saddle Shop,  

      456 South Flynn Road    Saint David, AZ  85630    Phone: 513-560-4211