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Wade Saddle for Buck Taylor -Actor and Western Artist- presented by Kevin Berry to Buck's wife Goldie Taylor, at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.


Saddles are designed, hand tooled and built in our shop from the finest quality U.S. hides and materials.    are not just ordinary saddles.  Each one is handmade by a single craftsman.  There is no machine cutting in our saddles.  All horn caps and cantle bindings are stitched by hand.  The seats of all our saddles are carefully worked up – all leather so that they are comfortable and fit to each customer.  This work can not be duplicated by machines or inexperienced leather workers.  You will never find a metal strainer plate in a Hat Creek custom saddle.

Our saddle skirts are cut full in both the front and the back.  Our tree bars extend a proper distance beyond the back of the cantle, and the skirts do not extend a mere one or two inches beyond the bars, but a full distance to maintain proper proportion and to help prevent scalding a horse or soring him above the kidneys.

All skirts are properly plugged to keep stiffness and weight of leather constant and are lined with top grade, pure bark tanned, 1” wool skins. 

Our silver is custom hand-crafted by the finest silversmiths available  to our designs and specifications.  If you have always wanted your own unique design, give us a call.

Our saddle trees are the best available.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on our fiberglass covered wood tree.  

 The best advertisement I have are the satisfied customers across the country enjoying my Handmade Saddles.


Happy Customer:  On November 3, 2001 I purchased a Hat Creek Saddle from Kevin Berry.  The saddle was made on a wade tree with a fifteen inch seat.  I started using this saddle the following Monday on seven different horses in our training barn.  The horses ranged in size from thirteen two, to fifteen two hands.  The quarter horse bars and drop plate rigging made for a good fit on each of the horses.  The task of "breaking in" a new saddle was nonexistent as it was as comfortable as the older saddles in our tack room.  I continued to use my new Hat Creek saddle the rest of the week, liking it better each day.  By the end of the first week I had a change to acquire a second Hat Creek Wade.  Which I did.
     In today's fast -paced, high-tech world, there has to be a place for traditional skills based on craftsmanship and quality.  The Hat Creek Leather Company has achieved the art of fine saddle making through time-test methods and dedication to details.  There craftsmanship is proven by look, fit and comfort of each saddle." 

 - Bill Rice, Horse Trainer-Clinician




WADE SADDLE Testimonial

Hi Kevin,

I am enjoying my custom-made saddle very much.  It is the most comfortable and quality made saddle I have ever had the pleasure to sit in and it fits all of my horses perfectly.  Kevin, you use your creativity to make a beautiful product, one that I get compliments on every time I ride! I am looking forward to using my saddle for many years to come, and I am confident that it will remain just as beautiful and sturdy on the last day I ride as it was the first day I rode in it.  Once again, thank you so much for your work.  I really do get compliments on my saddle every day out on the racetrack.  Larry showed me the pictures you texted over to him the other day.  Nice work!!




I absolutely LOVE my saddle! I have had several “well known” brand name saddles over the years and thought they were very comfortable. That is, until I rode in the saddle that you made for me. It is the most comfortable saddle EVER! It is made with high quality materials and excellent workmanship. It fits my horse and I like a leather glove, and to top all that, it’s light weight (like I wanted) and it’s gorgeous.

Thank you,










Wade Saddle, wood post horn with rounded skirts, 4" cantle, light oil finish with basket stamp tooling. Extra long strings.  All brass hardware with heavy duty in-skirt rigging, deep roper stirrups, rawhide horn rim, rawhide cantle binding and rawhide gullet rim.
Built on lifetime guaranteed tree.



Wade Saddle, rawhide horn and cantle binding, flat plate rigging, mule hide horn wrap, rope strap, barbwire tooling, hand made brass bound stirrups.
$ 3150.00


Rough out Wade saddle, dropped flat plate rigging, rawhide horn rim, rawhide gullet bead, mule hide horn wrap, branded initials, rope strap, knight latch, hobble ring, metal bound hardwood stirrups with scalloped cap.
$ 2450.00



Custom Wade Saddle, dropped flat plate rigging, mule hide horn wrap, hobble ring, personalized capped stirrups, full tooled and personalized flank, geometric stamping with Carlos border.
$ 3390.00


Hat Creek Reining Saddle, Chuck Shepherd, bull hide tree, dropped I skirt harness rigging, polished bronze diggings, padded seat, long strings, old style barbwire tooling and leather bound tooled stirrups.
$ 2700.00















Imperial Reiner - complete custom hand tooled combination floral, and tri-weave basket stamp. Sterling silver trim with gold overlay brand. Horse hair tassels and rope roll. Bull hide covered, narrow seat, Chuck Shephard reiner. Natural light oil finish.                                                      $7700.00

















Star Pleasure/Reiner,  Vancore, 3 1/2" cantle. Star pattern in antique tan finish. Glove tanned seat with stainless steel hardware, rawhide covered tree.                                                       $2900.00






Olin Young ranch roper, full fiberglass reinforced with bull hide cover, dally post horn, 3/4 seat, harness rigged, geometric stamping with Carlos border.
$ 3075.00




Ranch Cutter. Modified Buster Welch tree, Texas dally horn. Fiberglass reinforced, bull hide covered tree. Small basket stamp and barbwire tooling. Dark oil finish, 3/4 seat, natural rawhide horn rim and cantle binding.
$ 2835.00
















Ranch Cutter,  Buster Welch, 3 1/2" cantle. Rawhide covered tree with fiberglass reinforcing. Texas dally horn and stainless steel hardware.  Rough out seat and fenders. Barbwire border tooling.                                                  $2800.00
















Hope Saddle:  Full basket tooled with deluxe Carlos serpenteen border. Custom Gist conchos and horn cap, 19" tapaderos with initials and tooled bucking horse. Brand on fenders. Tooled staple pouch. Hobble ring. Bedroll straps. $4095.00













Hope Saddle:




Hope Saddle:




Hope Saddle:














Star Complete Custom Hand Tooled Star Pattern with matching star conchos.  2 1/2" skirt concho has gold overlay star.  All conchos and horn cap are sterling silver.  Bull hide covered Bob Crosby Roper with all stainless hardware and flat plate rigging.  Antique tan finish.                               $6900.00

















The Billings, high back 6" shoveled and beveled cantle. Rich mahogany finish with full floral tooling. Over size skirts with stainless steel hardware. Extra long saddle strings and exterior stirrup leathers. Billings tree with dally roping horn.                                     


















Bull Dogger, 2 3/4 cantle, basket  weave and geometric pattern #10. Bull hide covered tree. Light oil finish, 3" deep roper stirrups. Stainless steel hardware with bronze riggings.                                                $3600.00

















Heavy Roper, Olin Young, 3 1/2" cantle. Tree is fiberglass reinforced with full double wrapped bull hide combination floral and basket weave tooling pattern  #15,  light oil finish.  3" deep roper stirrups. Stainless hardware with bronze riggings.                                                  $3900.00




















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